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Another Police Shooting

Another Police Shooting Rattles Missouri

The fatal shooting took place about 2 miles northwest of Ferguson, marking the latest lethal incident involving law enforcement. An African American man was shot and killed by a police officer late Tuesday at a gas station in Berkeley, Missouri,…


Media Fantasies about Obama’s Gesture

For strategic reasons, Venezuela and Cuba are singled out by the USA as “bad apples” and the corporate press instinctively parrots US officialdom. Obama recently announced that relations with Cuba would be normalized and that the embargo, at least the…

Obama to announce

Obama to announce major Cuba policy change

Cuba has exchanged American citizen Alan Gross for three Cubans jailed in the United States. The prisoner swap is set to pave the way for a major overhaul of bilateral ties, potentially bringing an end to over five decades of…

Mexico Claims on Disappeared Students

Mexico Claims on Disappeared Students

Explosive allegations published in Proceso, one of Mexico’s leading news weeklies, this past Sunday, revealed strong evidence pointing to direct participation of federal authorities in the presumed killings of dozens of education students from the drug war-torn state of Guerrero.…

Taliban School Massacre

Pakistan school attack

Pakistan Taliban: Peshawar school attack leaves 141 deadMilitants from the Pakistani Taliban have attacked an army-run school in Peshawar, killing 141 people, 132 of them children, the military say. Officials say the attack in the north-western city is over, with…

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