Go Air Stands for Girls

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Go Air Stands for Girls

India’s Go Air Stands for ‘Girls Only’ When It Comes to Flight Attendants

The airline industry is notoriously super competitive when it comes to saving cash and adding some extra fees to make bonus bucks. After all, look at Samoa Air charging passengers per kilogram.

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to announce a new ridiculous fee from a low-cost carrier; instead the news comes in the form of cost savings from a private Indian airline called Go Air. The 8-year-old LCC has announced they are hiring new flight attendants, no doubt to expand their services in India and the region, and they only want females. The rationale for this sexism? In theory, women weigh less than men and that equates to fuel savings..

Execs at the budget airline claim men tip the scales about 33-44 pounds more than their female counterparts and thus will no longer be part of Go Air’s in-cabin culture. We can’t vouch for the reliability of the study, but the bean-counters have calculated that each kilogram saved from the total plane weight will save the company 3 rupees per hour flight time.

Currently Go Air employs 330 crew, of them 132 men. Those 132 will not be fired, but only slight ladies will be considered from here on out, as the airline looks to add 80 new aircraft to their fleet and employee over 2,000 flight attendants total. With these new rules, the name Go can be an acronym for “girls-only.”

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