New Details in Navy Shooting

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Washington (CNN) -The normal buzz of the Washington Navy Yard’s 3,000 workers will be replaced by the meticulous work of forensics teams, looking for answers after military contractor Aaron Alexis gunned down 12 people and wounded eight others.
Aside from investigators, only a few essential employees will be on the base Tuesday. Authorities have questions to ask, measurements to take and information to sift through.
Dead is Alexis, a former sailor with a “pattern of misconduct,” and 12 others, a mix of civilian workers and military contractors.
Authorities said Alexis was killed after an encounter with security. They gave no other details.

He began at the Navy Yard last week, but worked at multiple Navy offices over the summer, said employer Thomas Hoshko, CEO of The Experts, an HP subcontractor. Hoshko said there were no reports of problems with Alexis at the other Navy offices.
Two law enforcement sources say Alexis recently made contact with two Veterans Affairs hospitals. His contact is initially believed to be for psychological issues, the sources said

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