Travolta appears in rum commercial

aula intercultural

John Travolta appears in surreal Brazilian rum commercial with incredibly awkward dance moves. It’s either the most ridiculous or amazing celebrity advert ever – watch for yourself here- He won the hearts of every female in the country with his slick moves as Danny Zuko in Grease. But when John Travolta plays himself in a bizarre Brazilian rum commercial – he’s not so smooth. The 59-year-old actor gets his dad dancing in full swing with some dodgy moves in the new advert for Ypióca. His classic loose-fitted linen trousers add extra swag as he strolls on a path alongside the beach. Even the locals are excited to see the odd Hollywood icon, shouting his name and shaking his hand. When the actor finally makes it onto the sand his moves are electrifyin’ but at least he’s enjoying himself. Johnny boy even ditches his panama hat and gets his hips shaking to the amusement of anyone watching the ad. Watch the incredible and awkward commercial – on repeat, without laughing. Dare you.

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